Profiled steel sheets

Trapezoidal sheets are an economical building material used for covering of roofs and facades on facilities for various purposes. They allow for the implementation of effective structures, which very often break the traditional division of materials for roofing and facades. 

Trapezoidal sheets are made of galvanized, aluzinc and coated steel or coated aluminum.

Trapezoidal sheets are characterized by durability, rigidity of the structure and economy of use.

A wide selection of profiles (heights from 6 mm to 200 mm), types of sheet metal (galvanized, coated), thickness range, the possibility of cutting to size and rich colours enable the use of various applications on roofs and walls, gates and fences as well as load-bearing structures in individual construction and industrial.

The use of trapezoidal sheets depending on the profile height:

  • low-profile trapezoidal sheets can be used for covering facade surfaces (T6 - T60) and roof surfaces (T14 - T60) of single-family houses, garages and small commercial facilities,
  • higher profiles are used on roofs with large spans and in load-bearing structures due to their greater strength,
  • T50 - T200 profile heights are used to build large industrial, service and commercial facilities
  • the highest profiles (T135 - T200) are used in load-bearing structures with large spans (insulated flat roofs with large surfaces) and for ceilings.