What distinguishes the HalMod modular halls

HalMod steel halls are your high-quality work and storage space, which is possible thanks to the use of proven technological solutions.

  • High quality
    - you can be sure of long-term use of your hall in all weather conditions thanks to the use of high-quality structural elements of the hall (profiles made of galvanized structural steel with ribs strengthening the stability of the structure).
  • Complexity
    - the hall structure includes all the elements and materials needed to assemble a modular hall yourself including bolts with higher strength class, washers, nuts, hall bracings with turnbuckles. The structure is also equipped with wall and roof bolts, what is worth emphasizing, thanks to which you can mount the cladding of the walls and the roof of the hall. The profiles of the wall transoms can also be mounted inversely, thanks to which you get a ready element forming a channel for arranging the installations necessary in your hall.
  • Compatibility
    - HalMod's modular structures enable the use of standard finishing materials available on the market, and you can easily enclose the walls and roof of the hall using a sandwich panel or trapezoidal sheet, and equip your hall with the necessary elements such as windows, window fronts, skylights, etc. Adapters enable the installation of doors and gates available on the market in your hall. If you need additional storage space in your hall, you can easily equip it with a mezzanine, shelves or system shelves adapted to the hall structure.
  • Easy assembly of the structure
    - you receive a manual that easily shows the process of hall assembly for your hall construction. You have access to a classic descriptive and picture instruction, as well as a multimedia instruction in the form of a phone application showing the location of individual elements in the structure and their connection with other elements. Thanks to this, you can set up your hall in a few days with the help of 3-4 people.
  • Construction assembly time
    - a hall structure made of reinforced galvanized steel does not require welding work and heavy and massive elements that burden traditional steel structures. Thanks to this, you will build your hall in a relatively short time, using your own tools. Additionally, the construction of a modular hall may be carried out simultaneously with the jobs on the construction site and the execution of foundations, which significantly speeds up its construction.
  • An offer tailored to your needs
    - HalMod modular structures can be used as workshops, warehouses, agricultural, production or commercial halls. You will be able to easily expand your hall with additional space in the event of changes in the demand for your usable space. You also have the option of reusing the hall structure, which can be disassembled, and the modules can be moved or renovated for reuse. If you are looking for a hall that will meet all your requirements, check our offer.