Stages of building a modular hall

The construction of a steel hall is a complex process involving several important stages and necessary formalities, but it all starts with the customer's demand for a specific industrial space.


You will be able to choose the length, width and height of the hall that interests you, configure and model the initial design of the hall thanks to the modular technology offered by our company, and then build it from ready-made components without having to wait for the construction or assembly team.

Our configurator enables easy and efficient modeling and selection of hall parameters that meet the specific needs directly from the customer.


After determining your needs, you will be able to create a preliminary hall design using the configurator on our website, selecting the appropriate height, width and length, and the system will automatically calculate the value of the designed hall structure.

We offer ready-made designs of standardized halls with a width of 8.5 m / 12.5 m / 16.5 m / 20.5 m and freely configurable length (modules every 4m). The standard height of our modular halls is 3.3 m or 5.5 m (the height of the side wall). You will also be able to configure the hall equipment i.e. shelves and mezzanines.

Following this, you will be able to place an order with our company for a modular hall structure that meets your needs through the configurator on our website. As part of the customer's order, a construction project will also be prepared for you, including projections and technical drawings, thanks to which you will be able to see what the hall you ordered will soon look like.

The design of the structure, which also includes a guarantee of the final price, is handed over to the customer within 7 working days after the advance payment of 5,000 Polish Zlotys (PLN) is paid, which will then be included in the total cost of the modular structure of the hall. This document is the basis for adaptation to the local conditions of the planned hall structure.


The formalities related to the implementation of the industrial hall assembly project begin with the first step, which is obtaining a spatial development decision and an environmental decision from local offices. In the absence of a spatial development plan for the area where the hall structure is planned to be located, it will be necessary to obtain a decision on building conditions and land development from the local office.

This permit can be obtained after the application contains information related to the planned function of the facility, the height and area of buildings, the method of supplying the facility with water and draining rainwater and sewage. The application also contains information on the method of supplying electricity and heating the facility as well as the amount of utilities supplied to the facility. The decision on building conditions and land development is issued at the Town Planning Department of the local Poviat (District) office.


The architect adapts the design to the local ground conditions, type and purpose of the hall, designs connections and landscaping around the planned construction of the hall structure based on the local spatial conditions and the previously acquired map of the area. All these activities ultimately lead to the construction of the hall construction project. The final stage of this phase of the investment implementation is obtaining a building permit.

Obtaining a building permit for a production and warehouse hall is possible after obtaining other required approvals. In order to be able to complete the application for a building permit, it is necessary to obtain:

  • decisions on building conditions and land development (as mentioned above),
  • maps for design purposes, which include all connections and site ordinates,
  • maps for registration purposes with marked area boundaries,
  • extract from the land register of the investor's plots and neighbouring plots,
  • geotechnical documentation,
  • guidelines for the design of the building (including: type and quantity of materials stored, method of their storage, type and quantity of internal and external transport, type and quantity of installed devices, number of people employed in the designed hall),
  • location decision regarding the exit to the plot, taking into account the technical conditions i.e. a design for a local road and its inclusion into a regional (voivodeship) road,
  • technical conditions for connections to the water, gas, telecommunications and electricity networks, as well as rainwater and sanitary sewage systems,
  • opinion of the environmental protection department in terms of the requirements for the protection of green areas in the area of the planned investment,
  • possible permission to cut down trees.

After obtaining all the necessary approvals, it is possible to submit an application for a building permit. This document is submitted to the Department of Architecture of the local Poviat Office. The construction permit procedure may take up to 65 days.


After obtaining all the necessary documentation and permits described above, the client can start preparing the foundation for the future hall (in accordance with the guidelines included in the structural design). After the customer informs about obtaining the building permit, we begin the process of ordering the elements necessary for the construction of the ordered hall. Preparation of the hall structure takes place at the same time as the client carries out earthworks related to the preparation of the ground for the hall. Structural elements for the self-assembly of the hall by the customer are delivered to him within 14 days (including transport) from the information about the commencement of earthworks. The assembly of the hall by the customer may take no longer than a week depending on the size and type of structure. The structure does not require welding of heavy and massive steel structures, so the customer is able to build a structure even with the use of own tools, according to the specifics of the project.

If the customer needs to receive a structure ready for assembly earlier, we are ready to prepare the structure within 7 working days. 

With the ready-made hall structure for self-assembly, the customer receives:

  • the hall assembly instruction, showing in an accessible and understandable way and will explain the most important aspects of erecting the structure step by step;
  • instructions for the safe use of the hall (containing a list of adverse and dangerous effects among other),
  • a guarantee for the steel structure of the hall, as well as material certificates and a guarantee for materials used to complete the hall structure (according to the manufacturer's cards).