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Livestock facilities
- Piggery hall

You can adjust modular piggeries to the size of your farm.

Depending on how much fattening you have and what requirements you have as a breeder, choose and build the piggery that suits you best.

Our modular technology allows you to build a piggery on any number of pens, and also leaves the option of easy expansion in the event of breeding enlargement. The piggeries built with the help of our modular halls are durable, spacious and functional, and have hygienic properties, which makes it much easier to care for the quality of breeding.

You get the best quality construction from us that will serve you for years despite changing and difficult weather conditions by choosing modular piggeries. 

Our modular piggeries for self-assembly meet the needs of modern farmers.

If you want to automate pig rearing by providing feed and water to troughs and removing manure, our designs are perfectly suited to this. In HalMod piggeries, it is easy to comply with all mandatory breeding requirements.