Hala na kurnik Halmod

Livestock facilities
- Poultry house hall

The most important feature of our modular poultry houses is their flexibility and ease of assembly for any length.

You can easily construct a modern poultry house, tailored to your individual needs, from our modular hall structures.

If you run a farm for fattening chickens, hens, turkeys or you breed ducks, our modular technology will help you create the perfect place for convenient and comfortable caring for your livestock. We guarantee high-quality materials, thanks to which you will gain a modern poultry house on your farm that protects the poultry farm against threatening weather conditions throughout the year.

You can successfully take care of the healthy development of your livestock thanks to easy cleaning in our modular poultry houses.

It is very important that it is possible to easily take care of hygiene, temperature and optimal sanitary conditions in the agricultural hall intended for animal use.

Our modular poultry houses meet these requirements and enable the farmer to provide the farm with ideal conditions for healthy development. You can freely choose the size of the agricultural hall and assemble it yourself based on the instructions provided to you. You can efficiently build a very high-quality poultry house that will meet all your needs no matter how large your poultry farm is.