Heverc HalMod - hale modułowe

Technology of Heverc halls construction

The structures of HalMod modular halls are perfect as workshops, warehouses, agricultural, production or commercial halls.
The structure of the hall consists of the following elements:

gable walls

a set of gable walls closing the structure

hall modules

elements creating / extending the hall by 4 meters - minimum number: 3 modules

additional elements

optional additional elements such as: mezzanine, stairs, gate adapter, etc.

The length of the hall is a multiple of the module (in the so-called light it equals 4m) and is practically unlimited.
The hall module is 4.1 m wide, and its multiple is the length of the hall (4.1 m is the width of the module together with the frame poles, and 4 m is the width of the so-called "light" of the module, i.e. the space between the poles).

Each hall module is equipped with wall and roof bolts, which enables the assembly of hall wall cladding in a technology suitable for the customer (trapezoidal sheets or sandwich panels).

The standardized heights of our halls are 3.3 m and 5.5 m (the height of the side wall). The repeatability of the modules makes our product cheaper by 50-60%, and the quick and easy self-assembly of the structure, without the use of heavy equipment, is its additional advantage. The process of production and construction of the hall itself is simple and faster and can take up to about 1 week.

Thanks to this, the investor will be able to obtain additional industrial space in a relatively short time without the need to incur large expenditure on the construction process (saving on labour-hours and on the construction materials themselves).

The structure does not require welding of heavy and massive steel structures, so even with the use of own tools, the customer is able to build a structure according to the specifics of the project.

HEVERC steel halls provide good value for money, which is possible thanks to the use of proven technological solutions.

Detailed description of the hall elements

  • consists of a set of profiles made of galvanized structural steel; the sheets used for the profiles forming the supporting structure of the hall have two additional pressings, which significantly strengthens the structure while maintaining its lightness, and after making the reinforcing pressings, the elements are bent to the desired shape,
  • the sheets used in the hall structures are made by laser cutting with the use of a gas flange (in a nitrogen blanket), which is the best method in the case of stainless steel and guarantees high quality edges of the cut elements, and additionally ensures protection of the cut edges (the scarring process of the cut edges by zinc coating),
  • the supporting structure of the facility is made of S350GD+Z and S355JR galvanized structural steel (silver in colour),
  • additionally, the hall structure consists of the necessary stiffeners (the so-called bracings) regulated with turnbuckles,
  • individual structural elements are connected with each other by means of steel bolts of increased strength.
  • the roof structure consists of a set of profiles made of galvanized structural steel; two ribs are made to significantly strengthen it on the elements constituting the roof structure of the hall, and then the necessary bends are made,
  • the elements forming the roof structure are made of S350GD+Z and S355JR galvanized steel, galvanized (silver in colour),
  • the sheets used in the construction of the halls are made by laser cutting with the use of a gas flange (nitrogen blanket), which guarantees high quality of the edges of the cut elements and is the most precise method for stainless steel, and additionally ensures protection of the cut edges (the scarring process of the cut edges by the coating zinc),
  • the roof structure consists of the necessary stiffeners (the so-called bracings) adjusted with the use of turnbuckles,
  • panels made of trapezoidal sheet or sandwich panels can be fastened to the elements constituting the roof structure.
  • HalMod side and gable walls for modular halls are equipped with wall transoms (in the form of C sections) fulfilling the following functions:
  • they provide additional reinforcement, thanks to which its stability is ensured while maintaining the lightness of the structure; it enables a stable erection of the structure even without its permanent setting on the foundations,
  • bolts are mounted with fasteners in specific places in holes prepared in the posts, thanks to which there is no need to drill holes in the structure,
  • it is possible to mount the bolts in the walls in reverse, so they can be used as a channel for laying cables for electrical installations and other installations,
  • they enable the installation of a sandwich cladding panel in a vertical arrangement and a trapezoidal panel without the need to add additional processing elements to the structure necessary for the installation of the cladding; at the same time, they constitute additional tightening points for cladding boards, increasing the stability of cladding fixture.
  • Roof lighting is a continuous line of light - a structure made of natural-colored aluminum profiles. The skylight base is made of galvanized steel sheet. The skylight is filled with transparent multi-chamber polycarbonate with a thickness of 10-25 mm.
  • The height is adjusted to the slope of the roof.
  • The insulation can be made of sandwich panels with various types of fillings: polystyrene, PUR/PIR, mineral wool 60-140 mm thick or trapezoidal sheet with various types of profiles and sheet thickness. The core of the sandwich panel is placed between the trapezoidal sheet panels. The choice of wall and roof cladding depends on the individual needs and preferences of the client.
  • The structure of the HalMod hall enables the installation of adapters made of galvanized steel profiles in the walls of the hall, which are the basis for the assembly of doors and gates. Windows with standardized dimensions can be installed directly in the sandwich panel which is the hall cladding. If the hall is insulated with trapezoidal sheets, it is necessary to use an additional substructure for window installation.
  • HalMod halls enable the facility to be equipped with a set of roof gutters and downpipes made of galvanized or coated steel sheet.