Heverc is a producer of modular halls

Our structures can be found all over the country. Do not hesitate and invest in the ideal hall for your project.
Heverc - producent nowoczesnych  i solidnych konstrukcji hal modułowych
We are a Polish producer of modern and solid industrial areas and spaces created with the use of a modular system.

Such structures can be used as workshops, warehouses, agricultural halls, production halls or commercial halls. If you are looking for additional space that will meet all your requirements, check out our offer.

Heverc - producent nowoczesnych  i solidnych konstrukcji hal modułowych

Our mission is to provide you with a flexible and safe solution that will allow you to independently plan and build the necessary warehouse space.

We want you to be able to dynamically make decisions on new investments and efficiently build additional industrial spaces.

We are aware that each company has completely different needs, which is why we offer you modular technology. Your hall can have a size that perfectly matches the current needs thanks to our solution, and fulfill its function perfectly.

Advantages of Heverc steel hall structures:

  • Safe
    because they are made according to the applicable standards (ISO 9001: 2015; EN 1090)
  • Durable and solid
    S355JR and S350GD + Z metal sheet with additional ribs to reinforce the stability of the structure.
  • Multifunctional
    because it can be used by virtually any industry as warehouse, production, workshop, agricultural or commercial space.
  • Suitable even for self-assembly
    because thanks to the repeatable elements of the modular structure and simple instructions, you can build your surface without the participation of fitters or a construction team.
  • Easy to finish and arrange
    because you can use standard products available on the market (doors, windows, gates, cladding in the form of sandwich panels or trapezoidal sheets).
  • Attractively priced
    the best offer of this type available on the market, including all the elements enabling the assembly and completion of the structure.