Heverc - producent hal stalowych

HalMod 16Zx5,5m

it can be ideally used as a structure for the construction of a workshop or production hall, as well as the construction of a warehouse, garage for agricultural machinery, and also a livestock facility such as a barn or piggery.

Basic dimensions of the hall

  • Width of the front wall of the hall
    - 16,5m
  • Height of the side wall of the hall
    - 5.5 m - the height of the higher side wall
    - 4.6 m - the height of the lower side wall
  • Height of the ridge
    - 6,5m
  • Minimum length of the hall
    - 12,25m
  • Maximum length of the hall
    - the length of the hall is a multiple of the module (in the so-called light it equals 4m) and is practically unlimited.
    Heverc - producent hal stalowych
  • The hall module is the basic element of the hall structure. It is 4.1m wide, and its multiple is the length of the hall (4.1m is the width of the module with the frame poles, and 4m is the width of the so-called "light" of the module, i.e. the space between the poles). Each hall module is equipped with wall and roof bolts, which enables the assembly of hall wall cladding in a technology suitable for the customer (trapezoidal sheets or sandwich panels).
  • Heverc - producent hal stalowych
  • A set of gable walls that close the hall structure at its gables is another element necessary for the assembly of the hall structure. The structure of the gable walls is also equipped with wall transoms that enable the assembly of the hall cladding panels.

Internal poles supporting the structure are placed at a distance of 4m throughout the length of the 16Zx5.5m modular hall, from the side of the lower wall.

Construction of the hall is complete

- it contains all the elements necessary for the customer's self-assembly of the hall, i.e. bolts of higher strength class, washers, nuts, hall bracings with turnbuckles, and, what is worth emphasizing, bolts of the side and front walls, which enables the assembly of hall wall cladding in technology suitable for the client (trapezoidal sheets or sandwich panels).

Additional items

  • Door adapter
    - enables the installation of the door in the wall of the hall in a place convenient for the customer.
  • Front wall gate adapter
    - enables the installation of standard generally available gates on the market in the gable wall of the hall.
  • Side wall gate adapter
    - enables the installation of standard generally available gates on the market in the side wall of the hall.
  • Foundation footings
    - made of reinforced concrete, enabling the foundation of the hall structure on them; each footing has M20 bolts which enable the hall structure column to be screwed to it.
  • Mezzanine - a hall with a side wall height of 5.5 m allows the installation of a mezzanine in it, which additionally enlarges the usable area of the hall, which can be used, for example, as office space, social space or warehouse space for storing light items.

    Each mezzanine field creates an area of 16m2 (4m x 4m).

    The basic mezzanine configuration for an 8 m wide hall consists of 2 mezzanine bays mounted between the columns of the side wall and the rear wall of the hall. The basic configuration of the hall also includes an additional central column.
  • Mezzanine stairs - the design allows them to be mounted to the mezzanine in any place convenient for the customer. The stairs are equipped with a handrail ensuring safety when moving on them and steps made of trusses with an anti-slip strip.
Advantages of the modular structures of HalMod steel halls
High-quality components - profiles made of galvanized structural steel with additional ribs to strengthen the stability of the structure.

Ease and speed of assembly of the structure - the assembly time is three times faster compared to traditional steel hall structures; the structure does not require welding, heavy and massive steel structures, so even with the use of own tools, the customer is able to erect a structure in a relatively short time according to the specifics of the project.


The modularity of the HalMod halls allows for easy expansion of the facility in the event of changes in customer demand for the area of the hall facility used by adding additional hall modules, as well as the possibility of reusing the hall structure, which can be disassembled, and the modules can be moved or renewed for reuse.