Hala na oborę Halmod

Livestock facilities
– Barn hall

Modular cattle halls enable safe and comfortable animal breeding throughout the year.

Whether it is meat, dairy or for fattening, you provide your cattle with the best conditions to grow in the HalMod modular halls.

Our modular barn can be easily adapted to the needs of single or multi-bay rearing, and can be expanded in the event of an increase in the size of the farm. Above all, however, you have the opportunity to quickly and independently build a barn from scratch, which will be exactly the size that your farm requires.

If you are the owner of a large farm, you can fully automate our modular barn. The technology we produce does not create any limitations and you can easily introduce modern methods of milking, providing fodder and water, and removing manure.

We know that the breeding of dairy cattle, bulls and calves is associated with the observance of strict breeding requirements adapted to the species of animals and the rearing system. You can build barns where you can easily maintain the desired breeding standard and create the right conditions for your needs thanks to our modular technology.