Hala rolnicza zasypowa Halmod

Hopper hall

If you are looking for a universal space for storing cereals, potatoes, vegetables and fruit, our solution will be perfect for this task.

A perfect place for storing salt, various types of fertilizers, biomass, compost or sawdust.

You can erect a hopping hall of any size, in which you can place your crops thanks to our modular technology. Regardless of what agricultural products and in what quantities you operate on your farm, modular hopper halls will prove themselves as storage space.

We are aware that each type of stored product requires specific conditions. Our modular hopper halls can be easily adapted to these requirements and create ideal conditions for storing individual products. 

You can easily take care of adequate darkening or sunlight of the interior, as well as temperature and humidity. In our modular hopper halls, you can install standard doors, windows and other equipment typical for this type of hall. You can be sure that your products are stored in the best conditions.